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GamblingApps.com has been created in order to provide interested parties with the most relevant and up-to-date information on casinos, sportsbooks, poker sites and aspects of mobile gaming and gambling. The information is provided to players for the purposes of research and comparison. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy applies to your use of this site and its services. The Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into the Terms and Conditions and forms an integral part of such. Together, we will refer to both of these as the “Agreement”. This constitutes to a binding legal agreement between you and us as well as governing the relationship between both parties.

By using or accessing this website, you consent to the terms and conditions that are outlined in the Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms.

Acceptance and Amendment of the Website Agreement

  • If you do not agree to any terms and conditions of the Agreement, then you should refrain from and stop using the website and its services instantly.
  • We may amend the Agreement at times, and any changes made will come into effect 14 days after publication on the website. You agree that your access or use of the site or services following such period will serve as your acceptance of the amendments made.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are of the correct and most current terms and conditions of the Agreement. We advise you to check both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy frequently.
  • We may terminate or suspend your use of the services and/or this site at any time. This will be done at our sole discretion. Reasons behind this may include, but not specifically limit itself to a breach by you of the Agreement.

Use of the Site and Its Services

  • You may only utilise the site and its services if you are over the age of 18.
  • The website and the materials within are not designed to appeal to or target those who have not yet reached the legal age.
  • If you are not of legal age, you must stop using the website immediately.

The Services We Provide

  • com provides information with regards to online and mobile casinos, sportsbooks and poker platforms. It also offers up information relating to the gambling industry on the whole.
  • The website and connected services are provided to users for free and informational purposes only.
  • com does not own or operate any online casinos, poker platforms or sportsbooks. It also does not accept any bets or wagers for such sites.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The company and its affiliates own all software, data, written materials and other content made available through GamblingApps.com.
  • You agree not to remove or alter any copyright notice or any other proprietary notice on the website or the site’s content.

User Content

  • We may allow you to transmit, upload, post, email or otherwise make available data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, graphics, images, videos, messages or other materials on the website. This may include items uploaded via online discussion forums and chat facilities.
  • You are entirely responsible for such User Content. The company and its affiliates have no liability to you with respect to this. You hereby waive all claims against us and our affiliates in this regard.
  • By providing any User Content, you grant the company and its affiliates a licence to use, copy, exploit, distribute, reproduce, display, modify, add to, subtract from, translate, edit and create derivative works based upon such.
  • You acknowledge and agree that both the company and its affiliates are not obligated to monitor or review User Content.
  • You also acknowledge that any User Content may be edited or removed by the company and its affiliates.
  • When publishing or submitting User Content, any personal information that you submit can be read, collected or used by other visitors or users of the website. It can also be used by third parties, who may send unsolicited messages.
  • You shall at all times be polite when interacting with other users of the website. You shall not engage in any behaviour that could be construed by us as aggressive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, obscene, offensive, racist, sexist or insulting.
  • You shall not misrepresent or make false statements regarding the source or origin of any User Content.

Your Undertakings and Representations

When you visit our website, you represent and confirm that:

  1. You are of legal age.
  2. You will only use the website and its services for non-commercial purposes and in a personal capacity.
  3. Your use of the site and its services does not violate any laws or regulations of any jurisdiction that applies to you.
  4. Your usage of the website falls in line with the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
  5. You will not use the site, its services or any information contained with for any illegal or unauthorised purposes.

Use of Cookies

  • When visiting our website, you understand and accept that we collect website usage data via cookies. This is to improve our site and services.
  • You accept that both session cookies and persistent cookies will be in use whenever you visit the website and use its services.

How to Contact Us

If you have any concerns relating to the usage of this website or the Agreement as a whole, feel free to contact us directly here.