About Us – Find Out What We Provide And How

GamblingApps.com has been established to bring you all of the latest news and information on mobile gaming and betting. It will be maintained and kept up-to-date by a team of dedicated and avid gamers. What better way could there be of finding out about everything to do with mobile gaming, than by learning about it from people who involve themselves in it? All of our team members are experienced in online gaming, in both desktop and mobile forms. Therefore, we’re always one step ahead when it comes to providing you with the most recent information about such. From the different mobile gaming platforms, to the apps that some of them provide and the games that are available via smartphones and tablets, we do the research into them so that you don’t have to. Plus, if you ever want any further information, you can always contact us too! We will be your direct link to the mobile gaming world!

Find Out All About the Platforms

We know that there are many online casino, poker and sportsbook sites, and we also know that many of them are also accessible via a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. However, for some gamers, the vast amount of these can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, the platforms have hidden perks and features that you may not know about. That’s why we take an in-depth look at the very best mobile sites and/or their downloadable apps – so that we can inform you on all of their features and offerings. This way, you’re able to find the most appealing platform to play your favourite games at.

However, it’s not just the general basics that we’ll be informing you on. There’s information about the types of licences they hold, the customer support options, payment methods that they accept. Everything. We all have different reasons for joining an online casino, right? So, therefore, it’s important to learn all about the different parts of one. Additionally, if you’re more of a fan of sports betting, perhaps there’s a particular sport or group of sports that you want to bet on. We’ll help you find which of the mobile sportsbooks are more appropriate for you.

The Games and Sports

Perhaps the most popular reason to sign up to an online gaming site or sportsbook is…well, to play the games. Our team is also thoroughly into playing and betting on these games and events. From our findings, we’ll be able to report the games’ inbuilt features to you. That way, you’ll know which ones play out in the best way at an online platform. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how vast a sportsbook’s collection of sports are and we’ll also be able to inform you on the types of bets that you can place on these sports, as well as the odds that are available. Of course, sometimes mobile versions of sites feature different ranges of games and sports in comparison to the desktop versions. So, you’ll be well-informed on the games that are available via mobile apps and sites.

Promotions to Enjoy

The GamblingApps.com team is also well-aware of the different promotions that online sites can offer. Sometimes, there are specific special offers that are available to mobile gamers only. That is to say, that if you’re intending to play solely from your mobile device, you can potentially benefit from at least a mobile-specific welcome offer. So, we’ll be finding out the platforms that provide such, and that way you can compare them with the promotions of other sites. Therefore, if you have a particular interest in receiving a welcome bonus, a set of freespins or anything else, then we’ll have the details on which platforms provide such.

Frequent News Updates

Further to everything else, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all of the latest mobile gaming details. Whenever a new mobile casino app launches, or a new sportsbook is available to join online for example, we’ll inform you. Additionally, if there’s a new game that you can enjoy from your smartphone or tablet, we’ll be able to let you know about it. Alongside all of this information, we’ll certainly keep you well-informed on promotional offers. That’s the beauty of GamblingApps.com – we’re dedicated to making sure that you get the best out of your mobile gaming/betting journey.

The GamblingApps.com team are also able to provide you with any additional details that you may want. So, if you do have questions or just want some basic information, drop us a line. We’re more than happy to provide you with our own line of support.